Benoit Ladouceur

How to kill James Bond using Bayesian Inference

A Workshop by Benoit Ladouceur (Director, Risk Management, Top Aces)

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About this Workshop

Proper risk management is vital to support decision making, to assess uncertainty and to balance the costs and benefits of your venture. It looks like most Bond movie villains are still stuck with heat maps to support their global domination plans.

And since they all fail, this has to stop. Typically, the goal of risk management applied to physical systems is to mitigate the risks to an acceptable level, but in this case, we will try to engineer-in more risk (for Commander Bond that is).

What is the risk-adjusted Return on Investment for killing a 00 agent? Let’s find out in this intermediate-level presentation, where you may learn a thing or two about models and running an evil consultant firm.

Disclaimer: This presentation contains some black humor. But it looks like there is a 25th James Bond movie coming in September 2021, as such he is yet unharmed, alas.

About The Speakers

Benoit Ladouceur

Benoit Ladouceur

Director, Risk Management, Top Aces

Risk management, Data Science, public safety, result driven management, project management, quantitative analysis and strategic planning.