Understanding uncertainty and discovering levers

This workshop is about making sense of uncertainty. Risk profiles of projects and companies are getting increasingly complex: many factors, different probabilities, various risk mitigation measures with different effects. All gets consolidated into nice-looking reports. But are they of any help for actual decision-making?

Classic sensitivity analyses help to prioritize risks, but their power is limited. They check factors one by one, whereas, in the real world, many things change simultaneously and often interdependently. How to understand these complexities and how to derive value for decision-making from them? - join to learn.

Complexity, uncertainty, and potentially impactful actions are especially relevant in environment-related cases. We will look into renewable energy investment and product life-cycle assessment. At the end of the workshop, additional materials and Excel templates will be shared.


Sample SimDec model

About The Speakers

Mariia Kozlova

Mariia Kozlova

Post-doctoral researcher, LUT University