Andre Daus

Red Team Leader, Red Team Thinking Red Team Thinking enables companies around the world to think differently about their business. But we do not provide answers. You already have those. We provide the tools that help find them.

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André Daus is a trained banker and studied business administration focusing on banking management, business informatics, and taxes. Subsequently, he also became a certified financial risk manager (FRM), certified financial mathematician (CQF), and certified stock exchange trader (EUREX).

André is an innovative IT pioneer and worked as a project manager with worldwide experience. He has been involved in international projects and has worked on these mandates in New York, Singapore, and Moscow.

He lives his motto "thinking must be followed by action" as consistently as the principles of entrepreneurial courage and personal responsibility. Simplifying complicated matters to gain room for maneuver in decision-making is his mission. André Daus passes on his unique expertise and wealth of experience in the context of consulting mandates and lectures and workshops.

André is relentlessly curious. It drives him to touch the ground to gain a deep understanding of how things work. He has worked for several organizations, from small to international, mainly in the financial sector. He managed several projects from local to multinational. All with the same approach: people matter.

He is a sought-after know-how carrier in several professional and industry associations and a member of numerous renowned organizations that are committed to Germany and Europe's economic future. He also volunteered as a coach for start-ups with whom he shared his knowledge and accompanied them in their first steps of growth.

André stands for clear communication. Few people get to the heart of a matter in clear words, one could even say unsparingly, as he does. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in both IT and business, making him the perfect link between the two increasingly merging worlds.

When he's not dealing with business tasks, he keeps busy with his family and takes part in obstacle course races.

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Andre Daus