Filippo Marino

Founder, CEO, Safe-esteem, Inc

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Filippo Marino is a managing partner at Tegumen, LLC and the founder and CEO of Safe-esteem, a Miami-based technology startup merging behavioral science, artificial and human intelligence to transform how we measure, communicate, and judge personal risk and safety. In his 30-year-plus career, Filippo has designed, led, or contributed to risk mitigation, protective security and intelligence operations for some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations. In his previous corporate role, Filippo developed and managed McDonald’s Global Risk Intelligence & Executive Protection operations where he also led the brand’s initiatives in the areas of Workplace Violence Prevention, Crisis Management, and major events security, including the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup. His career started as an officer of the Italian Army, and he has developed several guidelines and best practices - including patented ones - for both protective security practitioners and corporate intelligence analysts. Filippo holds a Magna Cum Laude B. A. degree in Behavioral Science and is a frequent speaker at industry events.

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Filippo Marino