Robert Brown

Green Accountability and Incentives: Reflecting the Social and Economic Cost of CO2 in New Capital Projects

A Workshop by Robert Brown III (Senior Strategy Analyst, Novelis)

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About this Workshop

Novelis Inc. is the world’s leader in rolling and recycling aluminum flat rolled product with significant market share in beverage can, automotive, aerospace, and specialties applications. Our ambition is to be the world’s leading provider of low-carbon, sustainable aluminum solutions that advance our business, industry, and society toward the benefits of a circular economy.

Novelis is putting its money where its heart is. Recently we issued a green bond to say we want to participate in the market responsibly as good stewards of both the capital we have been entrusted to allocate and the environment we all inhabit. However, we cannot reduce CO2 instantly or at no cost, and we must justify the impact of our dollars spent across a wide range of objectives, including product performance and profitability. We must necessarily make trade-offs between CO2 emissions and capital employed to generate returns our investors appreciate. My presentation will discuss how we have begun to price-in the economic cost of CO2 emissions due to the aluminum produced associated with new capital projects as well as gain insight into the direction our CO2 footprint is moving with respect to our published targets.

About The Speakers

Robert Brown

Robert Brown III

Senior Strategy Analyst, Novelis

Specialties: facilitation of opportunity/problem definition and framing, advanced quantitative modeling for decision support & risk analysis, portfolio analysis & management, strategic planning, systems engineering analysis. Other notable skills include simulation programming with #Analytica and the #R Programming Language for Statistical Computing. Author of "Business Case Analysis with R."