Hans Læssøe

Founder, AKTUS Utilizing my experience and insights, AKTUS consulting focus on leveraging risk management and strategy processes to enhance organizational maneuverability and make this a competitive advantage for organizations. In a volatile world, management of risks needs to deliver more than being safe when the boat is rocking. Perservering requires intelligent risk taking ... having the ability and courage to be the one rocking the boat.

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Hans Læssøe M. Sc. has 35 years of industry experience from the LEGO Group covering a range of positions.

From 2007 Hans Læssøe established the LEGO Group’s Strategic Risk Management. Over the years, this was expanded to cover Strategic Scenario Planning, Project Risk and Opportunity Management as well as Enterprise Risk Management. The processes and tools developed based on the ISO 31000 standard are today standard operating procedures at the LEGO Group. Hans Læssøe and the LEGO Group won multiple International awards.

Hans Læssøe is author or the risk management books “Prepare to Dare” and "Decide to Succeed" as well as author/co-author of multiple articles and book chapters, including the RIMS Strategic Risk Management Implementation Guide.

In 2017 Hans Læssøe founded the consulting company AKTUS (name is based on the Danish words for "Active Uncertainty". The perspective is to go beyond traditional risk management and enable deliberate and intelligent risk taking.

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Hans Læssøe