RISK AWARENESS WEEK is the biggest online platform to learn about risk management and decision making. Amazing lineup of international speakers share practical case studies on integrating risk management into climate and environmental decision making, planning, project management and risk-adjusted performance management.

You can watch the workshops live or in replay on your phone, computer or tablet. More than 4800 participants joined the RAW2020 last year, don't miss this opportunity to upgrade your risk game. The workshops will be of value to decision makers and risk professionals alike.

Our theme this year is better and greener decision making through risk management with specific focus on better planning, performance management and governance through risk management and decision science. Our core objective this year is to bring risk management to non-risk professionals who would benefit from its concepts and ideas the most. We want to ensure that we are able to empower non-risk employees to enhance corporate and personal decision making through better use of risk management tools and techniques.

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